Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Most owners, given a choice, would prefer not to manage their own investment. It’s demanding, time-consuming and some would say…. all consuming! What’s interesting is that most tenants prefer they didn’t either! Research shows that tenants prefer rentals which are professionally managed. Tenants stay longer in managed accommodation and are frequently more comfortable dealing with a third party rather than dealing directly with the landlord.

The decision on whether to self-manage or to employ a professional management company is one which should be considered carefully. An investor should first realise that the private rental sector is now highly regulated with substantial pieces of legislation in place relating to (i) minimum rental standards (ii) equality and (iii) tenancy registration (iv) rent reviews and other related matters. The Residential Tenancies Act 2004 and its amendments is a complex piece of legislation and keeping up with its various amendments can be a challenge in itself. Landlords now have significant obligations in the letting and management of residential accommodation which require proper records to be maintained, various notices drafted correctly and registrations filed in a timely manner with RTB ( Residential Tenancies  Board ). In addition to a considerable amount of administration, managers must be available to answer tenant queries, provide 24/7 contact for tenants, monitor rent payments, conduct timely Check- Outs and deal with deductions from security deposits. This is but a sample of the day to day duties of a professional manager.

Let’s take a closer look at what else is available from our management team-

Full Repair Service

Why do boilers always break down on the coldest of nights? Even when little things give way, it’s important to have a responsive repair team who will quickly return your accommodation to your tenant’s full enjoyment. Tenants will stay longer and tend to better respect accommodation when maintenance levels are good.

We maintain a panel of qualified and experienced trades persons who commit to quality and priority service for our clients. All gas installers are RGI registered and electricians are RECI or ECSSA registered.

Monitored Rent Payments

It’s important not to forget the rent! Our managers never do! Our lettings system will ensure every rent payment is checked, month after month. Careful rent management means less time spent chasing arrears. It also means our clients get paid on time!

Regular Condition Inspections

Regular inspections help to reduce more costly  repair work. Inspections also send out a message that we care about the property and we therefore expect to be informed as soon as a particular maintenance item is first noticed.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Designed to assist your tenant when a mechanical / electrical  system failure, accident, loss of keys, burglary or other emergency occurs. Whatever the circumstances, our managers are there to assist  24/7, 365 days a year!

Best Practice Accounting System

Our system provides a clear and accurate account of income received and expenditure incurred. Repairs can be offset against rental income for tax purposes. All  relevant details can be made available to your accountant on an annual basis.


Various refurbishment projects from large to small can be accommodated  at competitive cost.

Check In – Check Out!

As part of our service we will record utility readings when your tenant moves in and out of your accommodation, In addition, we will ensure your tenant starts on a proper footing with instructions regarding domestic waste collection, heating controls and the proper use of kitchen appliances.

Tenant Support

Tenant queries can be frequent and lengthy – especially during the first few weeks of the tenancy. Not to worry ! We expect this to happen ….so our staff are trained to assist with the most trivial of queries. This way tenant rapport is maintained and everyone stays happy!

Tenancy Registration

As part of our management service, RTB forms will be completed and filed, together with the appropriate fee with the  RTB ( Residential Tenancies Board)

Multi-Unit Management

The management of multi-unit Pre ’63 investments is a particular specialty of ours! Our management team has the expertise and wealth of market knowledge to ensure block assessments are accurate and projections are realistic and achievable. When weaknesses are identified, we follow with practical and cost effective solutions -in this way, under performing assets can be turned around and attractive yields restored within a 6 to 12 month rental period. 

Did you know you can claim the cost of our Property Management Fees as a deduction against rental income for tax purposes?

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