Residential Sales

Our Best Seller Marketing Plan is designed to achieve three important goals:

Achieve the highest possible price for your home.

Complete the transaction in the shortest possible time frame

Cause the least amount of inconvenience to you

Residential Sales

The residential sales market continued to gain momentum throughout 2015 with value increases in the region of 15% recorded in many locations outside of the Dublin region. The Dublin market was more subdued during 2015 with average value increases in the order of 3% recorded. However, when we consider the steep value gains in Dublin throughout 2014 (in excess of 20%), we realise just how much values in the capital have grown. The 3% recorded in 2015 is regarded as a more organic growth rate in a tightly regulated mortgage environment and without any purchase incentives such as capital gains tax exemptions. There continues to be high demand levels within the city area and further gains are likely to occur during 2016. The single most influential factor now affecting Dublin house prices would be the Central Bank deposit restriction and the earning multiple required in order to secure a mortgage. Due to higher house values in the capital, home buyers now effectively need to have a 20% deposit in order to qualify for a mortgage and the mortgage amount is generally restricted to 3.5 times annual salary. The Central Bank governor has indicated that the bank will review their mortgage lending policy later this year.

Marketing Your Property

Our Best Seller Marketing Plan is designed to achieve three important goals:

* Achieve the highest possible price for your property.

* Complete the transaction in the shortest possible time frame.

* Cause the least amount of inconvenience to you.

At O'Connor Shannon we are constantly searching for new ways to assist our clients in achieving top market results. Our marketing package includes an onsite inspection during which valuable and inexpensive home enhancement options can be considered and implemented.

Standard Marketing Package

(i) On site visit to collect all relevant information and dimensions. All photography work is also completed during this visit.

(ii) Full colour brochure with multiple photographs is developed.

(iii) A full feature is uploaded to, and (iv) A showroom feature is arranged

(v) Signage with appropriate text is arranged

(vi) Display advertising is scheduled with various newspapers (if applicable)

(vii) Press release is prepared and forwarded to newspapers editors ( if applicable)

(viii) Viewings are arranged

(ix) Weekly review

(x) Client weekly progress report

Why Choose O’Connor Shannon?


Our Premier Location

We occupy a superb location in busy Rathmines, thus ensuring that our property listings are browsed by several prospective purchasers on a daily basis.


Our property showrooms

Our prominent showroom is designed to provide 24 Hour exposure for your home throughout the marketing period.


Our Technology

We have invested in the most advanced technology to ensure that your property can be efficiently marketed to a mass worldwide audience. Our web site features an efficient e-mail alert facility which maintains contact with hundreds of prospective purchasers worldwide. As a purchaser you will find this facility very useful as only properties which suit your specific requirements will be forwarded to you for consideration. We are also an official agent of the following popular web portals: and


We advertise your property worldwide

Web portal listings ensure that your property is exposed to a worldwide audience, 24 hours a day! This type of marketing reaches potential purchasers in their own homes, wherever they may live. Never before has property browsing been so easy.


Our Professionalism

Our firm is a fully bonded member of the Irish Auctioneers & Valuers Institute (IAVI). Our weekly marketing meetings are designed to chart progress in the marketing of your property. We are committed to keeping you, our client, fully informed of all developments regarding your property, and in addition we bring to you relevant market information that can prove crucial to you making a fully informed decision.


Our Personnel

Your transaction will be handled by an experienced senior negotiator with expert knowledge of transactions similar to yours. Your negotiator will frequently update you on transaction progress and advise you of recent sale comparisons. After the sale is agreed, your negotiator will liaise with all parties to the transaction to ensure an efficient close of sale.


Bank and Building Society approved valuers

We have worked hard to win the support and trust of the following institutions from whom we receive regular instructions: Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Banks, Permanent TSB, First Active, ICS Building Society, ACC Bank, National Irish Bank, IIB Homeloans, Irish Nationwide and GE Capital Woodchester.


We are a full service property company

We are experienced in the retail, industrial and licensed property sectors. Our range of professional services include lease renewals, rent reviews, arbitration hearings, as well as providing valuation reports on all types of property. We hold an active register of investors who can complete transactions within the shortest possible time frame.


Our Professional Charges

We strive to provide all of our services at an affordable cost. Our fees are considered the most competitive available in the industry.


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