Our Investment services include:

Asset appraisals and valuation reports

Refurbishment, leasing and management of units

Investment sales

Pre ’63 investment specialty


represents an important specialist area of our practice...

Very significant value gains have been recorded in 2015 and undoubtedly we will see further growth in values across all investment sectors in 2016. Due to the prevailing low deposit rates currently of offer by the banks, investors have for some time been seeking out quality commercial investments offering good covenants and decent yields. Encouraged by a reasonable expectation that capital values are set to rise further over the coming years, investors are keen to consider all types of investments in well located areas. Our office successfully concluded a record number of Pre'63 investment sales throughout 2015 and, due to current high inquiry levels, we are expecting similar results throughout 2016.




The careful appraisal of an assets is a critical first step in determining its potential earnings capacity and ultimately its realistic capital value. Our appraisal is based on a thorough inspection of the property and strengthened with a wide array of comparative local market knowledge. Comprehensive reports are available for acquisition, loan security and balance sheet purposes. Valuations requested for sale purposes are provided with an additional full marketing schedule.


Leasing and management of units

We provide a full leasing and management service to ensure that vacant units are returned to producing a continuous income stream in a prompt manner and the capital value of the investment is maximised. Small refurbishment projects can occasionally be accommodated as part of this service.


Investment Sales

Selling a retail, office or industrial investment? Our office is perfectly situated in order to provide maximum exposure for your investment. The sale process begins with an accurate market valuation and is strengthened by a comprehensive marketing schedule that includes effective signage, sharp presentation of information through print and online media as well as selective advertising in the national press. Your transaction will be in the charge of a qualified and experienced team who are available to advise you an all aspects of the transaction right through to close of sale.


Pre ’63 Investments

For many years our office has been strongly associated with the acquisition, valuation, full management and sale of these investments. We carry a regular stock of these red brick houses that are available for purchase and our specialised service extends to the acquisition, full refurbishment, letting and management of these units. Many of the sales in this particular area are arranged off market. To facilitate this option we maintain a database of qualified purchasers who are available to inspect and purchase these investments within relatively short time frames.


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